The Maleevas

Tennis Legends: The Maleeva Sisters

In tennis history, few families have made as strong an impact as the Maleeva sisters from Bulgaria. Manuela, Katerina, and Magdalena, each with their own careers, owe much to the foundations carefully laid by their mother and coach, Youlia Berberian-Maleeva.

Best ranking: №3

Manuela’s career includes 19 WTA singles titles and 3 doubles titles.

Best ranking: №6

Katerina has won 11 WTA singles titles and has 5 more doubles titles in her career.

Best ranking: №4

The youngest of the trio, Magdalena, has 10 WTA singles titles and 5 doubles titles, a worthy defense of her big sisters’ tennis legacy.

Maleeva Tennis Club is not only a symbol of the sisters’ achievements, but also a recognition of Youlia Berberian-Maleeva’s vision and dedication. As a mentor and guiding force, she didn’t just teach her daughters the game; she instilled in them a passion and drive that translated into remarkable success on the world tennis stage.

Today, the Maleeva name is not just synonymous with tennis excellence in Bulgaria; it is recognized worldwide as a symbol of dedication, hard work, and family legacy.