Aerial yoga: new groups

We have news! 😊 We are starting a new group class – Aerial Yoga.

🧘‍♀️ Aerial yoga uses a swing to make many of the difficult yoga exercises more accessible, so it is suitable for all levels and ages.

Imagine floating through the air, breathing calmly as you strengthen your muscles and become more flexible. Aerial yoga is more than a workout; it’s a transformative journey that nourishes both body and soul. Don’t hesitate, come give it a try! It may be the practice you’ve been looking for.

📅 Monday – 20:00 with Maria

Wednesday – 20:00 with Maria

Friday – 19:00 with Maria

👉 Swings are limited, so you need to reserve your place in advance at the Maleeva reception or online at We are waiting for you!